Our root are going back over 130 years to the company’s founder Otto Alfred Müller, who registered his company in the Hamburg on November 6, 1890 in order to import English coal to Germany.

4 generations and an eventful history later, shipping and coal trading were still operated in Hamburg at the “Bolsoverhaus” under the roof of Otto A. Müller GmbH when Jens Ottmüller joined the team in 2000.

The desire for something new led to the foundation of Otto A. Müller Recycling GmbH on November 7, 2000 – New Ideas for Environment and Energy. Since then we have been searching for valuable by-products, organizing new material flows and upcycling ideas.

What Makes Us Special

When Otto A. Müller Recycling GmbH started in the year 2000, nobody waited for our activities or saw us as a valuable market participant. This must be developed slowly and maintained at all times. However, since its founding in November 1890, the Otto A. Müller GmbH group of companies has always focused on cross-border trade and logistics. In this way, we can bring our expertise to the table, especially with bulk goods and by-products that are sensitive to transport costs.
The 1997 Kyoto Protocol brought us into contact with climate protection and the requirements for reducing greenhouse gases at an early stage. The switch from fossil raw materials to regenerative ones continues to create major challenges for the economy and brings constant changes, including in the political framework.
With over 20 years of experience, we support our customer base and partners with individual suggestions and projects for new material with advice and action.

  • A Canadian manufacturer of wood pellets looked for help in opening up new customer groups in Europe – and with our help, they found it in Denmark.
  • A Danish coal-fired power plant was looking for a customer for cenospheres, also known as micro hollow glass spheres – and we found them in England
  • An English coal-fired power plant was looking for reliable sources of supply for biofuels – and with our help we found Spanish olive press cake and Dutch wood pellets from family businesses.

In all projects, we invested a lot of time in trust-building discussions and on-site visits. Combined with the experiences and ideas of Otto A. Müller, individual solution were developed for each problem, which helped all participant to add value. Even today, we are measured by the mutual success of our concepts:
In the newly created flow materials, we act as buyers, logisticians and sellers.

What Do We Stand For

When we, as consultants for different raw materials, are asked for advice, we want to live up to the expected commitment and to get involved as problem solvers, managers, planners, organizers, logisticians and entrepreneurs. For this we live openness, independence, trust, partnership, sustainability, long-term, appreciation and added value in mutual interest.
The successful implementation of our ideas for environment & energy in material flows is based on active cooperation partners from a network of dealers, logisticians, independent forwarders, warehousemen, conditioners, shipping and customs agents, veterinarians, environmental and waste officers, tax consultants, researchers, plant managers, and many more – whether female or male. Depending on the project and needs, we integrate all of them into a reliable service chain between the seller and the buyer of the goods, so that everyone does what he does best.
There are local providers for local solutions. When we start as detectives for residues & by-products, we are searching for new markets or different applications: We are expected to find the unusual solution.
As Europeans, we build upon a free and peaceful Europe, a market without borders and support this status through our international network and our actions. Nevertheless, we are observing and taking into account mentalities, regulations, exchange rates, histories, languages and denominations when crossing borders.

Team OAM Recycling

Jan Neuber (Proxy), Antonia Behncke (Materials Flow Manager) and Jens Ottmüller (Managing Director)


  • Trade & logistics for 4 generations
  • Long-term family entrepreneurs
  • Our basis are traditional values
  • Networker
  • Individual solution concepts for every problem
  • Crossing borders and Mentalities in Europe

Jens Ottmüller

Managing Director

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Antonia Behncke

Materials Flow Manager

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Jan Neuber


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