When Otto Alfred Müller registered his company in Hamburg under number 27992 in the company register on November 6, 1890, he had gathered experience in exporting sugar from Germany to England. During this time his idea of ​​optimizing transport costs by reloading from England matured. However, the result of importing English coal into Germany did not fit into his principal’s business model.
However, his former boss recognized the skills of his employee and recommended that he implement it himself. As a thank you for his hard work, Otto A. Müller even received start-up capital and on October 25, 1890 applied for the opening of a “Giro Rechnung” in the books of the “Hamburg Branch of Deutsche Bank, Hamburg”.
In 2000, the shipping and coal trading businesses under the management of Kai Ottmüller were already operating in the “Domstraße 11” office building under the roof of Otto A. Müller GmbH when Jens Ottmüller joined the team in January in search of a business idea.
He found his vocation in the search for valuable by-products and the organization of such material flows and, with the help of Otto A. Müller GmbH, founded Otto A. Müller Recycling GmbH on November 7, 2000 to put new ideas for the environment and energy into practice.

More about the 125 year of Otto A. Müller please follow.

What Makes Us Special

Numerous interviews of successful Hamburg entrepreneurs by members of the Federal Association of Young Entrepreneurs (BJU) turned out to be an incentive, because they gave the view on the basis of the visible success: All personalities had developed and cultivated individual unique selling points.
In addition, there was the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in short: the Kyoto Protocol, which was adopted on December 11, 1997 and brought climate protection to worldwide attention and laid down the reduction of greenhouse gases with internationally binding goals.
To meet these newly created challenges and changes, the industry still needs new ideas for active environmental protection in word and deed.
Since its foundation in November 1890, the Otto A. Müller GmbH group has dealt with cross-border trade & logistics. Building on this experience, it made sense to help the well-known customer base – and soon beyond – with individual suggestions and projects for new material flows:

  • A Canadian manufacturer of wood pellets looked for help in opening up new customer groups in Europe – and with our help they found it in Denmark.
  • A Danish coal-fired power plant was looking for a customer for cenospheres, also known as micro hollow glass spheres – and we found them in England with our help.
  • An English coal-fired power plant was looking for reliable sources of supply for biofuels – and with our help we found Spanish olive pomace and Dutch wood pellets from family businesses.

A lot of time was invested in all projects for confidence-building discussions and visits on site. Combined with the experience and ideas of Otto A. Müller, individual solution concepts were developed for each problem, which helped each participant to add value.
Today, too, we are measured by the joint success of our concepts:
We appear as buyers, logisticians and sellers in the newly created material flow – without billing consultant fees.

What Do We Stand For

From the knowledge of the problems and challenges of founding, in 1890 as well as in 2000, we have respect for courage, innovation and added value, but also the appreciation of traditional values ​​- everyone in his time.

If we, as consultants for raw materials change, are asked for advice and deed in confidence, we want to live up to the justly expected commitment and to get involved as problem solvers, managers, planners, organizers, logisticians and entrepreneurs. For this we live openness, independence, trust, partnership, sustainability, long-term, appreciation and added value in mutual interest.

The successful implementation of our ideas for environment & energy in active material flows is based on active cooperation partners from a network of dealers, logisticians, independent forwarders, warehousemen, conditioners, shipping and customs agents, veterinarians, environmental and waste officers, tax consultants, researchers, plant managers, and many more – whether female or male. Depending on the project and needs, we integrate all of them into a reliable service chain between the seller and the buyer of the goods, so that everyone does what he does best.

There are local providers for local solutions. When we are asked as detectives for residues & by-products to search for and find new markets, we are primarily expected to find remote solutions.

But also in areas that cross borders, mentalities, regulations, exchange rates, histories, languages ​​and denominations must be observed and taken into account.

As Europeans, we build upon a free and peaceful Europe, a market without borders and support this status through our international encounters and our actions.

Jan Neuber (Proxy) und Jens Ottmüller (Managing Director)


  • Trade & logistics has been in our blood for 4 generations.
  • As a family company, we act long-term.
  • Our basis are traditional values.
  • Ideas for active climate protection in word and deed.
  • Individual solution concepts for every problem
  • Working in the network of active cooperation partners
  • Peaceful Europe with a market without borders

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