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Otto A. Müller Recycling GmbH, a family owned company, bridges the gap between international manufacturers and final users of raw materials and by-products.

Whilst our product flow management incorporates the demands of customers, suppliers and efficient logistics, we always keep searching for new ecologic and economic recycling solutions for a circular economy.

What challenge can we solve for you?

Our Portfolio

Biomass to energy, fertilizer, bio-based materials and specialities

Products Solid biomass Liquid biomass Fertilizer Specialities
Wood Pellets Seed/ Grain residuals Glycerin Ammonium sulphate Starch
Wood briquettes Lignin GUMS/ Soap stock Re-Phosphate Dolomite
Straw pellets Palm kernel shells Fatty acid Potassium sulphate De-Icing Salt
Agro pellets Olive residues Vinasse Potassium chloride Blue glass


Jan Jens
Jan Neuber Jens Ottmüller
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Otto A. Müller Recycling GmbH
Große Straße 2
22926 Ahrensburg



Correctness and trustworthyness are determinating our daily work in shipping and trading since 1890.

Bonded to tradition, obliged to progress and always on the move, we are fond of cooperations with our partners inside and ouside of Germany in the search of new ideas for environment & energy.

With mutual trust we build long term relationships to our customers and suppliers. Our motto:

We commit to partnership.